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News for period: 2001-2002, 2003-2004, 2005-2006


New long-expected updating!

There were many various events happen lately as in my life, as in life of BPG crew. In particular I was complete my studying in Kyiv technical school of radioelectronics - now I am a junior specialist technician-electronic, nowadays I begin studying in university "Ukraine", also in summer was pass championchip on quake 3 - Championship BOOGIE 2002 (you can look at program on Perl for holding championships), also 11.08.2002 had come 2 years to my site MustLive/BPG Collections of Fun, and at present, after vocation, besides, I am working on film "Journey to Slovakiya".

Also had been updated section of our BPG's works - add some my works and Mela's, moreover I make some small changes (bugfix) of the site. And as usual had been updated other two my "updating" web-projects (my home site and site with collections of fun) - those who wish can visite them. Also one of important aspects in updating of my sites, there is that I start translating my home site on ukrainian (begin from news), so for those who don't familiar with it, or who feel too lazy to study it, than this site stand single source of fresh information on russian language, well, and if you don't familiar with russian, than this site also stay single source of information on english language 8-).


We have anniversary - 21.04.2002 has come 3 years to my first site MustLive's Web Site!!!

In connection with it were made massive updating all of my active (3 from 5) internet projects. This site also was put to this pleasantly fate 8-). There are only a small part of our new works, but presently there will be a lot more, since at my hard disk they are accumulate and accumulate. At this time I spend more time to other my projects, and parallel working under new projects. Also, at last, I was add information about our new member - rock-musician Baked. Soon I'll place at the site his cool compositions.


At our server was appear Cool Guestbook - nice guest book for visitors of our site!

There are many functions and top newest developments in guestbook area were incarnate in it. Are using top guestbook scripts and supporting a lot of different functions. I invite everybody to acquaint with it and test it (I realized preliminary beta-testing by myself). This development will be use by me in different project's of mine (also in existent and new), in commercial and noncommercial. All requests and critics, please, left in it.


At our server was put 451 Group of KTRE Web Site


After long time (studies, summer vacation, and other deeds), I am a last deign to update our site and tell you some news, which were accumulate more than enough.

Temporarily not working 2 my sites!
From beginning of August (when I traveled into my vacation) shopped working 2 my sites: MustLive's Web Site and MustLive/BPG Collections of Fun. This is temporarily, because my old providers had some technical problems, soon my sites would be working, but at other provider and other domain names. So, not without problems. Also lost many data files at the site MustLive's Web Site, which I don't have at my hard drive, and so their are unreconstructable (something about 30 MB). Site of Chaos/BPG, which is a part of my site also suffer. And lost MP3s with inferior quality of his hits compositions :-(.

BPG Web Site was hacked!
25.09.2001 was meanly hacked (as a test, so to say) by meanly hackers-lamers, BPG members by the way. There were Druid and Pooj. Not too bad, life is not standing at place, after some days, I resumed site, that was meanly deleted by hackers, and also improve my super-puper security protection, and now no one lamer (about hackers and don't say nothing for the time present 8-)...) can't hacked this site. In regard to I hang the medal "Lamer protected" at the main page of site.

Now I am studding at last 4th curs of my technical-school, with diploma work besides. In this time a am working over many projects, and active playing in computer games, but it is last year, started from 2002 I transits to passive gaming mode of life 8-).


New updates and at last finishing of beta-testing - exit to the road into the world!

At last, I already finish my study in technical-school (I graduated 3rd year) and now is showtime - I have free time for total uploading and updating. I have made some updates yet, so, I advice you to surf at this site for new information, files, pictures and music. Also I finished beta-testing and now the site is going in real web life, as true web project, without word "beta". I fix all founded bugs in all versions of this site, but if you find something wrong don't be lazy - just write me a letter and I'll make changes. In near future I'll made some new changes, many new services and other cool web things. And also many new files, music and other artworks from us. And advertising company in plan.

Besides, I have been made many updates on site http://mlfun.members.easyspace.com/ - MustLive/BPG Collections of Fun, so, go to Web-projects section and surf to other our sites for fresh information and files!


MustLive's site has been normally working and now I could upload them new files and update information. Everybody who don't visit it before I advise to visit it in near future - there you can find more news (I update it more often) and useful information and files.


Work under this site have been finished: finished translation to english, added many new our artworks and links to our old artworks and also our cool services with using modern computer internet technologies.
Also planning in nearest future to add some progressive services on our site, in particulars unfeeble GUEST BOOK and other different things. We will increase number of our artworks and also planning to develop our rubric "World Wide Web" and other sections too. But now are going mass testing the site for availability of grammar and design errors. To all people who will find any bugs and mistakes in site work or in content display invite to write me an e-mail.


Many-sided BPG - fun art from MustLive.

General information - ISO 639 Standard Language Codes.

Specially for employers - List of our services.


Look at picture-logotype of Quake3A made by Druid in beginning of 2000.


Site already working!!!

Hi all! Congratulate you with this memorable event in history of web design and ukrainian internet - creation of BPG (image) site. Site was put into work at 20.03.2001. Ura! For the time present site situated in beta-testing, so we can do some changes in structure and design of site.

News for period: 2001-2002, 2003-2004, 2005-2006


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