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News for period: 2001-2002, 2003-2004, 2005-2006


Updates at site.

Ed's page has been updated - of the most certified specialist from BPG. For now it has no banal "Under construction".


New competition.

Start to work new competition - art works on the subject of "My Laziness - how I present it for myself".


Summing up of second half of 2003 year.

For this period of time in the internet appeared next new projects of our group: Site of Bridge of Love Ukrainian Marriage Agency, new Boogie's project BOARD'el - mix of forum and chat, and new author's project of Druid Wurst-sausage.

There were conduct a plane at out site preventive works: was done some improvements of site's interface, in particular was improve function of site search (and detail search form at all site's pages).

There are 30 new art works of Druid at the site, create during 2001-2003 years. And updated information about Boogie.

Started from 14.12.2003 new direction in music is opened - Psychedelic breakbeat. Its ancestor, and so far single artist, which write music in this direction, is Chaos. "Psychedelic breakbeat which knocked to your soul..." - such short conclusion we with Chaos made regarding to coming out his last two works and summing up whole of his music career from beginning of 2000 (when his first normal composition start came out, which one of them, and most significant and critical, is Lunatic). Therefore listen new Chaos' composition Royal rhythm (in Psychedelic breakbeat style) and his old hit trance composition Lunatic, which I recently recovered at the site.

Also I want to admit, that at 11.08.2003 has come 3 year to my fun site MustLive/BPG Collections of Fun. There are more than 1000 interesting, fun and favorite files at the site. Also for the site I devised news motto: Free for All - Free people for free people. Free is our credo!. And at the end of the year I were conduct mass updates: upload 200 fun files and open new subsections in my collections.


Anniversary, holidays, summer...

21.04.2003 has come 4 years to my first site MustLive's Web Site! In connection with it, besides different updating and fixing at my home site and at BPG web site, I publish my non commercial music Album "Jaxy" in the internet.

In section World Wide Web I added many new links of Our friends.

For May holidays I made at last long-awaited fundamental change of design at the site MustLive/BPG Collections of Fun. And I was upload many new fun files. I recommend to all!

And one more good news: resume its work at new hosting Gear - My streaming Mind - Druid's Web Site.

Summer begin, and session with it. Life is going on 8-). Everything still in future.


Novelty from BPG after long calm.

More than four months for different good and not so much reasons, I could not take for site updating. In particular, planned updating had been carried from the end of December 2002 to the end of February 2003. For additional information direct to MustLive's Web Site. But problems on that also exist, that them to solve. And now the long-awaited time for updates has come 8-).

On the BPG web site had been replenished following sections of our works: Music - compositions of Boogie and Druid, and Games - the source of game Plytky from MustLive.

Except for this the global changes are made on the site MustLive/BPG Collections of Fun: the global reconstruction of graphics subcollections is lead, not very global redesign of menu is also lead and updating of fun files collections up to 34 instances - always only cool and worthy general attention files. Also at present time not less scale updating of MustLive's Web Site is carried out - new files from me and many interesting news from my life and life of Base Point Group, which has collected enough. And, also an interesting information, different bugfix of site (including proceeding ukrainification) and other pleasant innovations.

News for period: 2001-2002, 2003-2004, 2005-2006


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