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MustLive/BPG MySQL Perl/CGI Client - Client for working with DataBase Mysql with available databases and tables (version 1.05). In other words - it is MySQL database GUI client program (as MySQL Navigator and other programs of this kind). The purpose of MySQL Perl/CGI Client is to provide a useful and flexible client interface for MySQL database servers, and it can support multiple operating systems and languages. Use DBD::mysql - Mysql drivers for the Perl5 Database Interface (DBI).

There are two types of archives for downloading: rar (3.0) and tar.gz (tarball)

Program "Let your eyes rest for 5 minutes" (with source code on flash)

Program on Perl for realization games champioships

Flash programs

Our programs for Windows 9x, Flash 4+ and others

Sources of our programs (in different programming languages)

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